Is Double Eyelid Surgery The Most Trending Thing Now?

Double eyelid surgery is among the most popular techniques. After finishing the work, the results are evident within a few hours. It makes your eyes appear younger and brighter, and appear more attractive. It’s not only ladies with double eyelids. And men can enhance their appearance or correct eye issues. Also, eye surgery is an option. Because the fundamentals of the eyes of women and men differ, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic provides the most modern double eyelid method. It is suitable for all ages. We can create eye layers that are appropriate to each individual.

Most Men’s Problems

  • Droopy eyelids, making them appear older than it is
  • There’s a significant amount of fat on the lids. It makes the eyes appear small and look unattractive.
  • Eyelids drop to cover a portion of the dark eye. cause vision problems
  • I can’t see clearly. My eyes are falling during times only half the eyelids are visible, but the eyes aren’t identical for men.
  • Weakness is present in the muscles of the eyes, which causes the eyes to puff up with no grace.

Double Eyelid Surgery Men Vs. Women

  • Female facial features are significantly more feminine than males, particularly around the male eyebrows. Men will be able to spot the bony hills with greater vigor than women.
  • Compared to men’s eyes, the fat is more when compared to women’s fat in the eyelids.
  • The distance between eyebrows and males’ eyes is lower than between eyebrows and females’ eyes.
  • Women are more likely to have double eyelids with a greater thickness than men.

Ideal Men Eye Ratio

  • The distance between the head of the eye.
  • Ideally, the right eye’s length distance from the right look and that of the left eye should be 1:1:1.
  • When drawing a line between the eyebrows, the eye’s tail, the wings, and the nose have to be straight.
  • Lift the corners of the eyes slightly. By creating an angle of 5 degrees towards the eye’s corner.

Introducing Double Eyelid Technique For Men

  1. Surgery to double the eyelids, embellish the extra eyelid, stitch the natural eyelid (Lovely the Blepharoplasty signature)
  2. Double eyelids with no stitching (Lovely Blepharoplasty No Stitch)
  3. Double eyelid surgery (Lovely Blepharoplasty)
  4. Create double eyelids to accent the eyes’ corners so that they lift.

For example, you can visit this site,ทำตาสองชั้นสไตล์ผู้ชาย for mor detail of this surgery.

Jermaine Wyman

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