Subliminal audio: does it affect our subconscious mind?

From audios to relieve menstrual cramps, to subliminal audios to lose weight and even to change eye color, these have become the plan b in which many people pour their hopes. However, is subliminal audio true or myth? If you are trying to find out, you may find the answer here.

What is subliminal audio?

Subliminal audios use the principles of biokinesis to increase the power of the mind over biological material, in this case to change the genetic structure. Biokinesis refers to the set of techniques or strategies that are applied with the purpose of modifying the behavior of some organ of the body through the mind. In recent years, the popularity of subliminal audios has grown exponentially, in fact, on YouTube you can find countless videos with subliminal audios to relieve menstrual cramps, lose weight and even change the color of eyes and hair. The people who upload these videos offer “mind unlocking” audios for people who have difficulty understanding the effectiveness of them, and guarantee long-lasting results by listening to the subliminal messages for a long time. However, biokinesis does not have any scientific support. In fact, there is no evidence to support the claims made regarding subliminal audio beyond anecdotal evidence derived from suggestion.

What are the characteristics of biokinesis used in subliminal audio?

It is said that the use of biokinesis should be directed to one part of the body at a time, otherwise it could have side effects. The time it takes for this technique to show results can vary, starting with 2 months and even extending for 6 months. Its management is contraindicated for people suffering from conditions such as epilepsy. Some people suggest that it is potentially dangerous to abandon biokinesis before finishing the process by which it was first used. It requires a lot of perseverance, and the use of the audios on a daily basis to be able to appreciate the results.

Is biokinesis dangerous?

Subliminal audio does not have the ability to change the color of your eyes. It does not have the ability to produce any kind of adverse effect on your body. Experts in the area of ​​health affirm that this technique has no scientific basis for its supposed operation, so there is no evidence that it produces any damage to the body.

So are subliminal audios true or myth?

The idea that features of our body can be changed through the mind sounds too attractive, but it is far from reality. For example, there is no way that listening to audio will change the color of the eyes, even if it is listened to dozens of times a day. It is not about discrediting a form of entertainment, behind those audios there is no type of science hidden. The reality is that the color of the eyes is determined by the amount of melanin, which is a pigment found on the surface of the iris. Melanin levels are determined by a series of factors that can be racial and/or genetic, for the same reason the color of a person’s eyes is determined even before they are born.

Most of the people who publish this type of content do not have a real intention of promoting a physical change, but rather get visits that in many cases can help them obtain income at the expense of people’s ingenuity. No, subliminal audios do not change your body features. It is a myth that just by listening to some subliminal messages after 6 months your eyes have a very different color, or that you lose those extra kilos without exercising. This type of audio should only be considered as a type of entertainment, not as a way to modify your body.

Jermaine Wyman

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