Double Eyelid: Know its Causes and Treatment

Looking tired and old is a common effect of droopy or double eyelids. It can increase your Facial ageing with the passage of time and various lousy lifestyle choices. Droopy eyelids can diminish your facial attractiveness. If you’re concerned about your looks or eyesight, consider getting Double eyelid surgery (ทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai).

Here you will know the most common reasons for sagging eyelids and current solutions to the problem.

Causes Of Double Eyelid 


Numerous changes can occur in your skin as you age naturally. It can cause loose skin, pores, and fine lines. Eyelid drooping is a frequent symptom of ageing. Vital proteins that keep the skin taut and smooth tend to decline with ageing. Moreover, do you know that collagen and elastin production declines in one’s late twenties and early thirties? It can cause loose skin around the eyes.

Nerve Damage

An eyelid injury or other diseases affecting the brain and neurological system can lead to droopy eyelids. One such disorder is Horner syndrome. It is a highly unusual condition caused by damage to the ocular nerves. 

Wearing Contact Lenses

For contact lens users, there is an increased risk of premature drooping of the eyelids. A common side effect of overusing the levator muscle, easily strained by repeated straining, is drooping eyelids. Only cosmetic surgery can rectify drooping eyes after the levator muscle gets stretched due to lens overuse.

Treatment For Double Eyelid

In most cases, ptosis doesn’t necessitate therapy because it doesn’t create any discomfort or other health difficulties. Getting treatment could be a good idea if you want to improve your appearance or your eyesight.

In extreme circumstances, the doctor can correct Ptosis through double eyelid surgery. In this process, the doctor tightens the levator muscle to aid eyelid elevation.

The surgery has a low risk of severe side effects but is not risk-free. Sometimes surgical correction does not fully address the issue. Another potential problem is overcorrection. It results in an eyelid that is too high or too low and requires additional surgery.

What Should I Do?

Driving, reading, and even taking the stairs might become complicated if you have a double eyelid. See a doctor if that happens. Take care of any underlying concerns with your eyesight. Your doctor may suggest surgery to repair the ptosis and restore your vision. Teens can benefit from surgery in more ways than one. 

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